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Please check frequently for updates
*** March 30, 2020 ***
Aloha HSK Ohana,

    We hope everyone is well and making the best of out of these difficult times. Training at home can be interesting but still equally beneficial. Emails and social media posts have been circulating amongst our HSK ohana describing practice at home. Taking it one stop further, Mike Ng and others have organized “social distancing” training via the web. Anyone can join in! Take care.

*** March 16, 2020 ***
Aloha HSK Ohana,

     With our situation changing by the minute, we have decided to shut down all our dojos, effective immediately!  Our instructors have been directed to inform their members of our closure for the next two weeks.  Please be safe and stay healthy as we patiently weather this unprecedented storm!

     Please check our website often to get the latest updates concerning our possible return to training and normalcy.  By the way, no one said that you cannot train at home during this time.  Don't ignore this opportunity!
*** March 14, 2020 ***
Aloha HSK Ohana,

With regard to the constantly changing COVID-19 pandemic, HSK will continue to offer training as usual only as long as we believe it is safe to do so and the risk to our students, families, and instructors is minimal.

HSK will constantly monitor the local situation and will adjust as deemed prudent to ensure the safety of our Ohana.

In the event the virus becomes widespread in the community, we will consider suspending training until the situation improves.

HSK has established the following guidelines:

1) We believe that all students must take responsibility for their own health and should make training decisions based on their own unique situations.

2) Students and their families should come to the dojo for training ONLY if they are in good health. Training while ill puts the rest of the students at risk, not only for COVID-19, but for other illnesses such as colds or the flu.

3) We request that anyone who feels ill, regardless of the type of illness, stays home until they are symptom-free for 3 days. Training while ill makes recovery more difficult and jeopardizes the health of the other members.

4) MOST IMPORTANTLY we request that anyone who becomes aware that they have been, or even MAY have been, exposed to the COVID-19 virus, regardless of whether or not they are sick or have been tested, notify HSK immediately and stay away from training for at least the 14 day self-quarantine period currently being used as a guideline. Notification will allow HSK to, in turn, notify the other members of the situation so that they can then take whatever measures they feel are appropriate for themselves.

While it is the intent of HSK to continue to offer training as long as it is safe to do so, students need to be aware that we are also at the mercy of the locations where we hold classes. Our training venues may decide on their own that the risk is too great and prevent us from using their facilities.

With the situation changing daily HSK will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Please check the website frequently for any updates.

Above all please stay safe and do your part to prevent illness from being spread around. We’re all in this together.